How can I create my own clips?

You have several options for creating your own clips:

– Use our standard templates (read steps below)
– Let us create a template for you. Click here for more information.


1. Select [Create New Clip] on your dashboard. An overview with all available templates will now appear.
2. Choose a template you want to use by previewing it by mousing over the template and select [Preview]. If this is the template you want to create, select [New Clip].


3. Go through all the steps in the pop-up that opens. This is called the Creation Station. For more information about the Creation Station, click here. If there is an image in the template, you best can use an image with the size 1920px × 1080px. For landscape images the size 1920 is the length and for portrait images the size 1920 is the height.

4. When all fields are filled in, select [Save] and the clip will start rendering.

Finished? You can do two things: 

  • You can create another clip by starting from step 2;
  • You can proceed to schedule your created clip into you playlist. Click here to learn more about creating a playlist.

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