What is the Creation Station?

The Creation Station is the step-by step configurator with which you can create the templates through the [New Clip] page. The Creation Station opens automatically in a pop-up when you select [New Clip] on the [New Clip] page. It is divided in three parts. From left to right you can see:

– The steps that you follow to fill in all required fields
– The fields that you fill in with next to that a description per step what you need to fill in
– A preview image of the template in which the field that you fill in in the step is highlighted

To go to the next step, select [Next] at the right bottom corner of the Creation Station. To go to the previous steps, select [Back] or select a step in the left bar.

In the last step you will find a summary of all fields that are filled in and the images/video’s/colors that were chosen. This way you have an overall view before you create the clip. For more information about creating a clip, click here.


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