Creating fragments, playlists and programming them | Single user account

With this manual we take you through your personal narrowcasting account. In a few steps, we explain how to create a fragment and a playlist, and how to programme this playlist so the fragments appear on screen.


  1. Log in with the username and password you received. Click “Create new clip”, visible on the dashboard, or select “Media” in the lefthand side menu and click “Create new clip”. This takes you to the overview of all the templates and widgets available.
  2. Select a fragment by clicking on the button “new fragment” on the image. This takes you to the menu in which you create the fragment.
  3. Follow the step-by-step configurator.
  4. The final step “Summary” allows you to review your fragment.
  5. If you are satisfied with your fragment, click “save”. The fragment is now ready. You may now either create another fragment, or continue to step 2.


  1. Click “Create new playlist”, visible on the dashboard, or select “Schedule” in the lefthand side menu and click “Create new playlist”. This takes you to the menu which allows you to create playlists.
  2. Firstly, give your playlist a title, for example ‘[name of company] playlist’. Below the title on the righthand side you can select whether you are creating a landscape or a portrait oriented playlist.
  3. Drag the fragments you wish to programme from the righthand side column to the lefthand side column (the actual playlist).
  4. Done? Click “save”. Your playlist is now ready.


  1. Select “Schedule” in the lefthand side menu and click “Schedule playlists”. This takes you to the menu that allows playlists to be programmed.
  2. If you have multiple players, select the player you wish to programme the playlist on in the menu “Select hardware”.
  3. Drag the playlist from the lefthand side column to the date in the calender on which you wish the playlist to play.
  4. If you wish to adjust the date, click on the calender icon in the righthand side column and fill in a start and end date.
  5. Activate the schedule by clicking “Synchronize”. The playlist will become visible on screen within five to ten minutes.
  6. It is possible to schedule multiple playlists at the same time. To do this, first make a new playlist (see step 2) and schedule it in the same manner as described above (step 3). The playlists will be shown on screen one after the other.

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