How can I get templates that fit my own corporate identity?

You have several options for playing clips on screen:

– Use our standard templates in which you can brand them yourself. Click here for more information.
– Create your own HTML5 widget. Click here for more information.
– Let us create a template for you (read information below).


We can customize existing templates to your corporate identity. Read more about this process here. When using an existing template, the functions that are in the original template will remain (for example an image to the right and the text in the middle). We insert your corporate identity (a logo, branding colors etc.) into this template and it will only be availble for your users. Because it is based on an existing template, the costs are lower then when a new template is created.


It is also possible for us to create a whole new template that fits your needs. You can decide what you want to show and how it should be showed. Read more about the process of creating a new template here. It is also possible for us to make a connection with an external system and show the content on screen. Maybe you want to show the profit your company’s has made or how many clients have visited your store?


You can also get a (customized) template which shows content from a RSS feed. You can show the latest updates about all kinds of subjects, such as sports, news or what happens in your company. Read more about this here.

Please contact Client Services for all possibilities and prices.

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