How can I show content of a RSS feed on screen?


A RSS feed is a code which contains messages and images. It updates regulary and the most recent message is shown on top. A lot of news channels have a RSS feed. The text and images of this code can be displayed through a tickertape or our RSS templates. Below we will explain how to show the RSS feed in a template. If you want to show it in a tickertape, click here.


1. First you have to find out if the RSS feed that you found can be used for our template. Check if the feed is valid via:
2. Go to [Create New Clip] and use the search tool to search for RSS or find it in the category Your Own Media.
3. Select new clip when mousing over the template. Choose RSS Feed + image or RSS Feed.
4. Walk through the steps and paste your RSS URL in the RSS feed (url) field. You can also choose to show content from your Happening. For more information about this, click here.


5. Select [Save] in the last step.

You can now add your clip to a playlist and schedule it. For more information about creating and scheduling a playlist, click here.


After following the aforementioned steps, it is still possible that the RSS widget may not work (optimally). This can be due to several factors. Do you want to have an optimal RSS widget designed to your own taste? We offer the possibility to develop a customized content. If you are interested in this you can fill in the form here.

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