Live camera feed / RTSP-stream on XMP-7300

It is possible to show a live stream from a network camera (also known as IP-camera) on your screen. This only works with the XMP-7300.



  • Axis network camera with possibility to transmit RTSP-streams
  • XMP-7300 media player

RTSP-streams that are secured with a password are not supported, so the stream must be freely accesible.

The combination of media player and RTSP-stream is very strict. We cannot say in advance if a certain stream will or will not work. What we can say, is that the IP-cameras of Axis work for showing this widget.

If you want to test or use a stream, you will need the exact url. This means an url with hostname/IP-address and string. How this url is built, can be found in the manual of the camera. An example of how an url can look:


NOTE: This feature only works on the XMP-7300!

How it works in your narrowcasting account:

1.Go to the new clip page and find the widget ‘Live camera feed’ and create it.

2.You fill in the name of the template.


3.You fill in a duration in seconds.image3

4.Fill in “rtsp://” and theIP address of your stream.image1

5.Save the clip and schedule it.

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