How can I work with the fullscreen image widget – portait?

What does this widget do?
With this widget you can show a fullscreen image on a portrait screen. Click here for more information about oriƫntation of your screens. The image that you upload is automatically tilted to the left by the system, so it will show upright on your screen.

How can I create this widget?
You upload an image of your choice which is tilted to the right (horizontal). On the right you will see in the live preview that it will show upright on screen. You should not upload an upright image and then use the rotate tool to tilt it to the right, because then it will not show correctly on screen. If you have an upright image that you want to use in this widget, you need to tilt it to the right with an image editor program outside of the narrowcasting system and after this you can upload it in the widget.

After you uploaded an image, you fill in the duration of how long you want the image to be displayed on screen in the field ‘duration’. This duration is in seconds. Go to the next step and choose ‘save’. You can now add the widget to a playlist to let it play on screen.

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