How can I use Happening?


Happening is a feature that we added to the system with which you can show your own content in the RSS templates or in tickertape. This way you can show news items that you have created yourself without needing a RSS feed. When connecting Happening to the RSS template, it automatically displays the content you filled in into the Happening. For more information about showing Happening in tickertape, click here.


1. Go to [Happening] via [Media] in the left menu.
2. Press [Create] in the right corner to create a new Happening. For editing an existing one, click on the name of the existing Happening.

happening 1 en

3. Fill in a name for your Happening where you can recognize it by (this name is not visible on screen, this is only for you).
4. Create a message for your Happening. Fill in a Title, Text and Image (optional). NB: You can also edit a message by clicking on the pencil icon to the right of the message.
5. Select [Send message]. The message is now saved in your Happening. You can create as many messages as you want and every time you want a new message to appear on screen, you can add a new message and it will automatically be detected by the RSS template.

happening 2 en

Now you have to create a RSS template where you can connect the Happening to. Follow the steps below. It is also possible to show the Happening in a tickertape, read about it here.

1. Go to [Create new clip] on your dashboard and choose RSS Feed + image if you have images in your Happening and RSS Feed if you don’t have images in your Happening.
2. Check the box use happening  in the first step in creating the template and choose the Happening you want to show from the drop down menu.

happening 3 en

3. Follow the next steps and select [Save] in the last step.

You can add the clip to your playlist now. Click here to find more information about creating a playlist.

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