How can I schedule from the Partner Panel (advertisement tool)?


The Partner Panel is an account in which a Partner can control its users. To learn more about this, click here.


A functionality can be activated by Client Services to make you able to create and schedule clips for your users. This does not work like regular scheduling; it is designed to have advertisements play on the screens of your users in between their regular content. You can make sure the advertisements of the advertisers pass on the screen for a certain times per hour.


From the Partner Panel you create one or more clips on the new clip page. When created they appear in the clip library. From here you are able to share your clips with other users if you want to. Click here for more information about this.

You can create a playlist with one or more clips in the create playlist section. When you are done, you can save and schedule the playlist. You are directed to the schedule page where you can schedule for:
– certain times
– certain dates
– days of the week
– specific players
– amount of times the playlist should play per hour

You need to at least select one player to be able to save the schedule settings. The players are shown with the names as they are in the accounts with behind it the account name to which it is connected. You can only schedule on players of users that are connected to your Partner Panel.

You can choose to save or to activate your schedule settings. When activating, it will play immediately after a synchronisation of devices is done. When saving, nothing will show on screen until you activate the playlist.

The playlist will pass the screen of the users the amount of times you selected (1, 4 or 10). It will show in between the regular content that the user has scheduled. The advertisements will wait with playing untill the clip that is going on at that moment is done, so it won’t interrupt the playing clip of the user. After the playlist is done, the regular schedule of the player will continue. The following clip will start after the final clip of your advertisement playlist is done.

If you want to activate this feature for your Partner Panel, contact Client Services.

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