How can I use the Partner panel?


The Partner panel is a special account for Partners. With this account they can see all the users that they brought in and clone content of media player to their own media player. Besides that, they can view the release notes in the panel.


1. Dashboard

In the dashboard you can find the following options: [Players] and [Users]. From the dashboard you can edit your own profile and log out.

Partner dashboard GB

2. Players

When you select [Players] you will be sent to the overview media players of your own and of your clients. On the right you can choose betwoon ‘show own devices’ and ‘show devices clients’. Via show devices clients you will get an overview of all media players in use by your clients and their online/offline status.

You can use your own players  to clone content. When you clone the content, you can view on your own screen what is playing on the player and if the user experiences difficulties on screen. If you are in the possession of a player, which you would like to use for cloning content of your users to, you can send the MAC ID of the player to the Servicecenter and they will connect it to your panel. You can find the MAC ID on a sticker on the bottom of the hardware. As soon as the player has been connected it will appear in [Players].

Add a player

You can also add your own hardware to your clients through your Partner Panel. To do this, click on the button ‘add player’ in the media player overview and follow the steps in the wizard. The hardware needs to be compatible with the narrowcasting software.

Edit and delete your player

To edit the setting of a player, you can press the pencil icon on the right. Press [Save] to save the changes.

Partner edit player

If you edit a player, you have an option at the bottom ‘disconnect media player’. You can use this when you swopped a defect player for a new player or if you want to connect the player to a different user. If you disconnect a player, the Client Services will receive a notification and will check with you if there is a subscription that needs to be transferred or canceled.

Cloning a playlist

You can use the clone function, if you want to see the playlist of one of your users on your own screen. When you use this function the playlist of a player of your choice will be cloned to your player. Your player will directly synchronize so you can view the playlist immediately.

1. If you want to use the clone function you can press the [Clone] button to the right of edit.

Partner clone 1

2. Subsequently, a pop-up will open in which you can choose an user, for this you can press the [Players] button.

Partner clone 2

3. At this point you will see all the players of the user. As soon as you press the [Clone] button the playlist of the chosen player will be cloned to your player and the player will be directly synchronized.

 Partner clone 3

Go into an user account. You can view all your users and go into their accounts, by selecting [Current View] in the upper bar.

Partner current view

You will see a pop-up with which you can immediately log in to another account. To log into another account you have to press the [Log In] button. You can always find your Partner panel back by the star that is in front of this account in the overview.

Partner login user 2

You can always return to your own account or go to a different account by using the [Current View].

3. View or manage tickets

With this feature you can see tickets that are sent by the users that are connected to your Partner Panel. You can give the tickets a status and answer them. They are answered with sender ‘Servicecenter’. If you don’t answer a ticket, it will be answered from the Servicecenter; the tickets are also visible for the Servicecenter.

4. Add hardware to accounts of your clients

Optionally a function can be activated for the Partner Panel with which you can add hardware to your users. On the overview media player page, you see the button ‘add player’ and when clicking on it a pop-up will open which guides you through the steps of adding a player based on the Player ID. When this is done, Client Services will receive a message that a new player has been added and an additional license can be activated.

5. Share clips with all your users

NB: only usable when the advertisement tool is activated. Click here for more information about the advertisement tool.

When you create a clip in the Partner Panel, you now have an option in the Creation Station which you can check or uncheck which is called ‘available for all users’. When this is checked, the clip will be available for all your users in the tab Partner in the clip library. When you uncheck it, a list will appear after creating the clip in which you can check boxes for users who should have it available. If you don’t select any users, it will only be available for yourself.

Do you want to activate this feature? Contact Client Services.

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