How can I see what is scheduled on my player(s)?


You created playlists and scheduled them, but now you want to have an overview of what is scheduled on your players. Mainusers and subusers can check this in different ways than single users.


There are two ways to check your scheduling:

1. The first option is a complete overview of all your players and playlists. To view this go to [Result overview] via [Players] in the left menu. The green dots show active playlists on players. The red dots show inactive playlists. You can go directly to your playlist, by clicking on the name in this overview.

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2. The second option is an overview per player. To view this go to [Calender overview] via [Players] in the left menu. Pick a player from the drop down menu select player. You will see all the scheduled playlists. Go directly to a playlist, by clicking on the name in the calendar.

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You can check your schedule, by selecting [Schedule] and [Schedule Playlists]. An overview of all scheduled playlists appears in the calendar. It also shows the times from when till when the playlist is active. You can go directly to the playlist by clicking on the name.

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