How can I determine the order of my playlists as a mainuser or subuser?


If you are a mainuser or subuser, you can schedule playlists on certain times and dates and you can connect them to hardware or player group options. To learn more about scheduling playlists for mainusers and subusers, click here.


The order in which playlists are played, is based on when they were created. However, if you want to have some more influence on the playing order, we can activate the alphabetical order of playlists for you. If this functionality is activated, the playlists will play in alphabetical order and this is also how you will see it displayed in the calendar overview (the most upper playlist will play first). If you want to let one playlist play before another, you can change the first letter of the name of the playlist or put a number here. Do pay attention: if you have playlists that start later than other playlists, then the playlist that starts later will automatically be placed at the bottom.

if you want to have this functionality activated, please contact Client Services


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