Can I use the Samsung Smart Signage Display to play content offline?

Yes, this is possible. The offline use works with MagicInfo Lite through the internal storage of your Samsung Display or by an USB stick.


Magic Info Lite is an internal media player wich is installed on the Samsung DB and DM monitors. It cannot be used on the ED screens! The feature of MagicInfo Lite is an asset which can be used when the content has to start directly after turning on the display. As Magic Info Lite is an internal media player, there will be no need for an extra external player.


1. Put the content on a USB stick and put the USB stick in the monitor.
2. Select the ‘menu’ button on your remote control. Go to ‘support’ →’go to home’  →’player’.


3. In the top row go to ‘options’ and select ‘send’.


4. After this you can select the clips which have been loaded on to the USB stick. After selecting them, select ‘send’. The transfer will begin.


5. After the transfer the USB stick can be removed.
6. Select the ‘menu’ button on your remote control. Select ‘support’ → ‘go to home’ →’schedule’.
7. Go to channel 1 with the remote control and select ‘add program’. As shown in the picture below, a menu will be opened. In this menu you can add the video clips which you want to add to the schedule.
8. Check the box ‘all day’.
9. Confirm these settings with ‘save’.


10. Select the ‘menu’ button on your remote control. Select ‘support’ → ‘go to home’ → ‘player’.
11. Select the option ‘local schedule’, afterwards select channel 1. After this the playlist will start playing. Even after turning the monitor off and on again, the player will still automatically play channel 1.

If the settings on your screen do not match the settings described below, because you work with a different type (e.g. Tizen or newer version of SOC), then we advice you to check the factory settings of your screen provided by your supplier or to contact your supplier.


  1. Make a folder with the name ‘magicinfoslide’ in the root of an USB stick.
  2. Place the video clips that you want to show in this folder on the USB stick.
  3. Turn the screen on and put the USB in the screen. After this the playlist will play automatically. The USB stick has to stay in the gateway of the monitor.

If there is a playlist in your narrowcasting account which you want to use on a USB stick, you can export the playlist. Read more about exporting your playlist here.

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