What are the network requirements to use the narrowcasting portal?


To make use of the narrowcasting portal, the media players need to have access to internet. When certain IP addresses are blocked, they need to be whitelisted.

The application servers are in our own network behind Fortigate firewalls. Services like SSH are disabled on public ports. The network is monitored 24/7.

Subnets and ports used for signage player:

Content servers

Subnet 1
IP adresses –
Subnet 2
IP adresses –
Ports: 80, 443 TCP

Please note: Some widgets (scheduled parts of the video program) may require access to  URLs that are not hosted on our content servers. They are used for live data input like weather forecast or traffic information. When these widgets are programmed the players/screens  should be allowed outbound internet access to these URLs.

Time server

Port: 123 NTP

All traffic is initiated outbound. Port forwarding is not required.

When access to those subnets is denied, you should whitelist them.

We keep adding more servers to process requests and to divide the ever growing load. Therefore we kindly request you to add our subnets instead of IP addresses.

For IAdea media players only

Confirm your network environment allows HTTPS.
Make sure the following domain names available through your firewall and DNS (Domain Name Server) setting.


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