Can I show my website on screen?

This widget can be used to show live information from your website. We do want to advise you not to use it to generate more traffic on your website, because people that look at the screen will pay more attention to the information on the website than the fact that it is a website that is showing. It will not motivate them to visit the website.*


Requirements are that you have a landscape screen and the website is valid and public. The website you enter, can start with ‘https://’ or ‘http://’. The website’s X-frame options should be set on ‘allow’ in order to let the website be able to show on screen. The webhoster of the website you want to use can help you with the X-frame settings. Your website has to support iframe (inline frame). An inline frame is used to embed another document within the current HTML document.

Next to that, there are some specifications per media player type. Click here for information how to find out what type of media player you are using.

MBR1100, XMP6250, XMP7300
The MBR1100, xmp6250 and xmp7300 media players use Chrome 68.0.3440. Next to the above mentioned requirements, your website must also work on this verion of Chrome to show the website through the website widget.

Tizen 4.0
On the Tizen 4.0 media player the browser Chromium M56 with HTML5, DOM3, CSS3 and Javascript V8 is used. Next to the above mentioned requirements, your website must also work with this browser to show the website through the website widget. For the complete list of demands for showing your website on screen with Tizen 4.0, we address you to the full list of specifics for this web engine:

If your website is not shown (correctly) on screen, you should contact your webdeveloper for further support.

If you have a secured or internal page that you want to show, we can check the possibilities to create a customized clip for you to show this website in. Click here to learn more about customized content.


To show your website, you have to create the website template. This can be found on the new clip page in the category ‘your own media’. Click here if you want to learn more about creating a clip. After creation, you have to add it to a playlist and schedule the playlist. Learn more about that here.

* If you want to generate more traffic on your website by using narrowcasting, we advise to create a regular template which draws attention and looks appealing and put the url of the website in the text area with a teaser. This way it is in the center of the attention and will make people willing to go to the website.

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