Can I use narrowcasting with a private label?

Yes, this is possible! We can change the login url and the logo in the portal, so you can use it as a private label.


After you have set the DNS settings, we can add it to our system. Then you need to activate the security certificate through a link in your email. After this, we can connect the new DNS to your account (and accounts of your existing users) and you can log in through your own private label!


There are some steps that need to be taken to create a private label:
1. Request a private label with Client Services and you will receive a quotation. After this is signed, we can continue with step 2.

2. You need to send the following information to Client Services:
– Company name
– Street name, house number, house number additions, postal code, place, province and country
– Email address where the security certificate can be sent to (has to start with hostmaster@ or administrator@ ; it cannot be a name of a person)
– Telephone number
– Chamber of Commerce number
– Logo (in .PNG format) with 54px height (width has no requirements)
– Contact details of the person we can contact about the DNS settings or the certificate

3.  Ask your webmaster to set the following DNS settings:
Name                            Type               Content                                 TTL
[your chosen DNS]    CNAME          3600

4. Give Client Services information about the DNS that was set in step 2.

5. Accept the security certificate that is sent through email by clicking on the activation link in the email.

6. Client Services will connect your account(s) to your new DNS.

Client Services can be reached through email.

Are you also interested in automatically generated demo accounts in your own private label through a form that leads fill in on your website? Click here for more information.

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