How do I set the on/off times for my screen when I have a media player?


– There should not be a splitter connected to the player (this is a cable that connects the media player to more than one screen).
– Your player needs to be of a type XMP3250 or newer. To find out the type of your player, click on [Players] and choose for the option [Player overview] in the left menu. In the column ‘type’ you can find the type.
– Unfortunately not all screens are compatible with this function.


1. Go to [Player overview] via [Players] in the left menu.
2. Choose the player you want to set the times for by clicking on the name.
3. You can enter the on/off settings via setting the screen on / off. You have 3 options in the dropdown:
a. General Schedule: the screen will go on and off at the same time every day.
b. Weekday Schedule: you can insert per day if or at what time the screen will go on/off.
c. Always on: your screen will be on all day. You can turn off the screen manually.

4. To insert the on/off times, press the clock button and choose the hours and minutes.

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5. Press [Save] and synchronize your player. Learn more about synchronizing your player here.

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