Can I show my PowerPoint presentation on screen?

Yes this is possible! First it has to be converted to a video and this video can be uploaded through a fullscreen video clip. Then this clip can be added to a playlist and scheduled on screen.

  1. Create your PowerPoint presentation.
  2. Save your presentation.
  3. Export the file through ‘file’ and then ‘export’. Below ‘export’, click on ‘create a video’.powerpoint-export-video
  4. If you want to display the options concerning video quality and size, click on the drop down of ‘Computers and HD-displays’.
  5. Click on the dropdown menu of ‘recorded time settings and spoken word’ if you want to use these. If not, select ‘don’t use timing and spoken word’. The standard display for each slide is 5 seconds. If you want to change this duration, click on the arrows next to ‘seconds spent on each slide’ to increase or decrease the time.3
  6. Click on ‘create video’.
  7. Input a file name for the video, navigate to the desired folder and click ‘Save’.
  8. Click on ‘new clip’ in your account to create a fullscreen video clip with your PowerPoint. For more informatoin about creating a clip, click here.

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