Rights management: Scheduling for mainusers and subusers

  • The mainuser can create playlists that are available for the entire formula or for just one or more players. To learn more about creating and scheduling playlists, click here. This playlist can be scheduled on all the players in the formula or only on specific players of subusers.
  • The subuser can’t edit the playlists made by the mainuser. The subuser can only open and view these playlists.
  • The subuser can create and schedule its own playlists and manage them. The mainuser also has access to these playlists and can edit, (de)activate and remove them. Other subusers cannot see or edit these playlists that are created by another subuser.
  • Both the mainuser and the subuser can choose to shuffle a playlist while playing. Read more about shuffling your playlists here.

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