How can I upload/manage media?

Your files is a component of the Media section. To learn more about the Media section, click here.


1. When selecting [Upload Files] you can directly upload a file. You can choose in the drop down what kind of file you want to upload (image, PDF or video).
2. In the category dropdown you can choose to what category you want to add the file. If this is irrelevant, select ‘no category’ in the drop-down. Information about managing categories, can be found here.
3. With the dropdown ‘component’ you can choose if the uploaded file should only be available for your or also for all subusers (own or formula).
4. Upload one or more files with the [Add File] button. A bar appears which shows what the status of uploading is. When it is done, you can select [Save]. It is also possible to rename the uploaded file first. This can be done by selecting the icons on the right of the uploaded file. Images also have the possibility to be cropped with the icons on the right. If you want to upload a portrait video, you can use one of the two checkboxes on top (select which one is applicable).


Uploading an image: You can use the following types of files: jpg and png (maximum file size 20 MB)

Uploading a video: You can upload the following types of files: mp4 (maximum file size 500 MB)

upload files


You can edit the file, by selecting the gear icon to the right of the uploaded file and select [Edit].


By clicking the gear icon next to the file and then choose [Delete], you can delete the uploaded file. If it is a formula file, it will disappear from the accounts of the subusers also.

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