Can I adjust the volume of clips?

Yes, you can set the volume of the fullscreen video clips (other clips don’t have volume). It is automatically set to maximum volume and you can adjust the volume per clip. In order to hear sounds when the video is played, the screen where the video is displayed on needs to have the volume set on as well (when mute is set, you won’t hear sounds).


1. Go to[Manage playlists] on the dashboard and click on the playlist which contains the video you want the volume adjusted of.
2. You can change the volume of the clip by clicking on the right side of the fragment on button with the dots and choose for the option [Volume].


3. A scroll bar will appear where you can change the volume. 0% means that the volume is off. As you scroll to the right, the percentage goes up and you can determine the volume. Select [Save].


4. Synchronize the player the playlist is on. Learn more about synchronizing your player here. Without a synchronisation the changes will be seen and heard the next day after the nightly automatic synchronization.

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