How can I use PowerBlocks?


PowerBlocks are temporary playlists that overrule the current playlist on a scheduled time of period. You can activate a PowerBlock and set a timer to schedule the PowerBlock. After the scheduled time of the PowerBlock the original scheduled playlist will be shown on your screen again.


  1. Select [Create New PowerBlock] in the left menu below [Media].
  2. Select [Create] right on top. A page will open that looks similar to the creating playlist page.
  3. First you can name the PowerBlock, just like you do when you create a playlist. Do this in the box [PowerBlock name]. If you want to know more about creating a playlist, click here.
  4. Now you can choose to create a landscape or portrait PowerBlock. Click on the switch next to the field where you gave the PowerBlock a name to change the oriëntation.
  5. Drag the clips you want to use in the PowerBlock from the right column to the left column. After the PowerBlock is done, click [save].

new powerblock

You will automatically return to the menu overview [Manage PowerBlocks] when you save a PowerBlock. The ‘Not active’ status is indicated by a red dot to the left of the PowerBlock, which means the PowerBlock is not active in your program at this time.


1. Activate the PowerBlock by clicking on the red dot to the left of the PowerBlock name. A window will appear where you can indicate on which media player you want the PowerBlock to be shown. Do this by clicking on select hardware below the white empty box. A drop-down menu will come down where you can select the name of the wanted media player. It is also possible to schedule the PowerBlock with your created player groups. Herefore you select the empty field below choose a player group. Select the player group and then the player group options you want to connect the PowerBlock to. To learn more about player groups, click here.
2. After selecting the media player(s) you want to use, you can set up the duration you want the PowerBlock to play. Do this by filling out the box behind playback duration. Note: the system recognizes the number you enter as minutes. So if you want your PowerBlock to play for one hour, fill out ‘60’(minutes).
3. Choose a start date and start time.
4. Select [Save].

manage powerblocks


It’s important to know that a PowerBlock overrules your normal playlist. Just like the normal playlists, the PowerBlock will turn green when it is active.

You don’t have to synchronize your device(s) after the activation of the PowerBlock. Your device will update every 5 minutes. It takes 5 minutes after activation of the PowerBlock to see the PowerBlock on your screen.

NB: If your PowerBlock doesn’t appear on screen and you have a Samsung Smart Signage Display, you need to check if the time settings are correctly put in the screen. For this, click on the menu/home button on your remote control and go to System –> Time –> Clock set –> Date/time.


If you want to deactivate a playing or scheduled PowerBlock, you can select the trashbin icon on the right of the PowerBlock in the list of scheduled or active PowerBlocks. The PowerBlock still stays in the overview of all your PowerBlocks, but will not play on the time you set for it. If you want to delete your PowerBlock, you can select the trashbin on the right of the PowerBlock in the overview of all your PowerBlocks.


You can duplicate an existing PowerBlock if you want to schedule it more than once or if you want to use a part of the clips for a new PowerBlock. To do this, you edit an existing PowerBlock and you click on [Save As] at the bottom. It is now duplicated and you can save it with a different name. After this, you can add or delete clips from your duplicate and schedule it separately from the original.


For subusers you can optionally turn off PowerBlocks. This means that the subuser itself cannot create or activate PowerBlocks. As mainuser you can still schedule and activate PowerBlocks for the subusers. Click here to find out how you can turn the PowerBlocks off for subusers.

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