Rights management: Clips for mainusers and subusers

  • The mainuser decides which templates are available for the subuser. The subuser only has access to the templates assigned by the mainuser, other templates aren’t visible and can’t be used by the subuser. Read more about subusers and assigning templates here.
  • The mainuser can create clips that can be seen and used by the entire formula or only for yourself and some subusers. When creating a new clip, select ‘available for formula’ in the first step to make it available for all users and deselect when only wanting to use it for only yourself or some subusers.
  • The subuser can’t edit clips that are created by the mainuser for the subuser. Clips made by the subuser are always visible and editable for the mainuser.
  • The mainuser can set that the subuser only schedule clips that have been approved by the mainuser. To learn more about this, click here.

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