How do I set on/off time settings for my Samsung Signage Display?

It is possible to set a time on which your screen turns on and on which it shuts down. This then will happen automatically.

For setting these times, follow the next steps:
1. Go to the menu of your screen (select ‘home’ on your remote control) and select ‘On / Off timer’
2. Fill in the following fields for timer 1:
– Setup: Select on which frequency you want the time set (for every day, for only Mondays etc.). When selecting ‘manual’, you can check the boxes for the days.
– Time: Fill in the time on which the screen should turn on.
– Source: Make sure this is set on ‘HDMI’. If you are unable to select ‘HDMI’, go to ‘source’ by selecting the source button on your remote control and choose ‘PC’. You can now delete this option.
3. Set the off timer by filling in the same fields as in step 2, except the source (this only needs to be set once).

If the settings on your screen do not match the settings described below, because you work with a different type (e.g. Tizen or newer version of SOC), then we advice you to check the factory settings of your screen provided by your supplier or to contact your supplier.


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