Can I switch between regular TV and narrowcasting on my screen?

It is possible to switch from the narrowcasting to regular TV channels. It is not an automated function in the narrowcasting system, but it can be done manually.


To be able to switch between narrowcasting and regular TV channels, you need:
– Connection with TV channels through a box of your TV provider (digital) or through a direct cable without a box (analogue);
– If your TV connection can be inserted in a different input in your screen than your narrowcasting system, you need a remote control.


If your TV connection is connected to your TV with a different output than your narrowcasting system, you can switch by using the ‘input’ button on your remote control. After selecting this, on your screen you will see all the inputs where you can choose from. Choose the input where your TV connection is inserted (e.g. HDMI 2). Select ‘OK’ or ‘ENTER’ on your remote control after selecting the correct input. To switch back, follow the same steps, but now choose the input where your narrowcasting is connected to.

If your TV connection cannot be inserted in your screen when the narrowcasting is already connected (you only have one output in your screen), you can switch by taking out the cable of the narrowcasting system and insert the cable of the TV channels.

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