What is possible with the different types of hardware?


Every now and then a new type of hardware is introduced and the older types are no longer available. With this new types of hardware sometimes there are also new possibilities in the software; for example they can have an extended memory or process data in a better way. The media players are all of the type XMP and the screens are from the type Samsung Smart Signage Display and every new version has a new version number.


For the XMP our oldest player is the 305 (shown in the account as type ‘basic’). From version 3250 it was possible to display widgets with the devices. The older versions cannot show widgets on screen and therefore no widgets are available in accounts which have an older version of the media player. Widgets are clips that have status ‘widget’ on the right in the clip library. These are made in HTML 5 and update all the time, so the latest news or weather is always shown. The older types of hardware cannot process this HTML 5. With all Samsung Signage Displays and the versions of the player from 3250 and higher the widgets can be used.

The tickertapes are also widgets. With the XMP players these tickertapes are displayed the most fluently on screen. With the first and second version of the Samsung Smart Signage Display (SOC 1 and SOC 2), the classic tickertape is displayed a bit blocky. This is why this tickertape is not standard in all accounts, but can be added on request.

Other functionalities are all the same for the different types of hardware. Click here for more information how to see which type of hardware you have.

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