How do I deactivate my playlist?


When you create a playlist, you can make it active by scheduling it and activating it. You can also choose to only save the playlist without scheduling it and then it will be inactive. So if a playlist is active, it means it is scheduled and will play on scheduled dates and times. If a playlist is inactive, it means it will not play on screen. For more information about creating a playlist, click here.


1. Go to [Manage playlist] via [Schedule] in the left menu.
2. Choose the playlist you want to deactivate and uncheck the box on air/not playing below action.

inactive en

3. Once the box is unchecked your playlist will become inactive.
4. To activate your playlist, just check the box again.
5. Do not forget to synchronize your player for the settings to save. Learn more about synchronizing the player, here.

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